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We are PFD PE.
Your Food & Beverage Distribution Solution.


PFD PE is proudly associated with suppliers of
eco-conscious F&B packaging and products

The Greenest, Best Quality and Most Versatile Products Available


Manufactured from renewable resources made from plants

Disposable ~ Biodegradable ~ Recyclable ~ Decomposable

Certified food safe

ISO22000 accredited

National footprint – lower carbon footprint

Supplier is an expert in their field



Cutlery, Stirrers, Utensils & Hot Cups, Lids & Carrier Trays & Kraft Products & Straws & Takeaway


Cutlery, Stirrers & Utensils

Knife, Forks, Dessert/Soup Spoons, Teaspoons
Cutlery Sets
Stirrers and Utensils
Picnic Pack
Made from Wood or Cornstarch
Sturdy, Smooth and do not Split Easily
 Excellent for Hot Food

Hot Cups & Lids

Sizes: 250ml, 350ml, 500ml
Single-Walled / Double-Walled / Kraft Double-Walled
Lids: Made with CPLA (plant plastic); Fit Securely; White or Black
Made from FSC Certified Paper Source
Inner-wall coated with a plant-based lining to prevent leakage
    (as opposed to petroleum based plastic resin found in standard cups)
 Heat Tolerant and No Effect on Flavour

Kraft Products

Kraft boxes with window: Deli, Brownie, Salad, Sandwich Wedge
 Further Packaging: Wrap, Chip Cone, French Fries Box, Noodle, Food Boat Trays, Open

    or Closed Deli Box, Food Truck Bowl, Hotdog Box, Pizza Box, Salad Bowl, Ice-Cream
Lids: Multi Fit Selection
Made with Certified Natural Paper
Leak Proof and Sturdy
Lined with Natural Coating
Oil and Water Resistant

Carrier Trays


Universal Fit for All Cup Sizes
2 or 4 Compartments Cup Holders

Made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper Pulp


Lengths: 8mm, 10mm
Regular Straws, Straws for Smoothies & Milkshakes
Individually Wrapped
Coloured & Patterned Straws available on request
PLA (plant-based) Straws


Meal Boxes
‘Clam’ boxes (closed with lid): Burgers, Meals
Containers & Lids
No More Foam!
Made from Best Sustainable Alternative: Waste Sugarcane Pulp
Hot and Cold Friendly and Microwave and Freezer Friendly

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